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As You Know That In Our Website Daily I Come With A New And Interesting And Best Story Today In This Post We Are Come Back A With A New Story Name Is Jadugar Jugnu And This Is Very Interesting Story And You And 100% Genuine This Story Is Giving entertainment To Her User

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Jadugar Jugnu
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Jadugar Jugnu Pocket FM Total Episodes

New Story Starting. It Has Uploaded 17+ Episodes So Far And Estimated This One Could Range From 100 to 150 episodes.

Estimate Total Number of Episode 150

Jadugar Jugnu Pocket FM Story Summary

This is the story of a firefly living in Bhawanipur village near the Nepal border in Uttar Pradesh. 22 year old Jugnu has no one. One day he meets the charismatic merchant Shirin from the family khukri kept in the house. There is immense power in the firefly. He starts getting rich with the help of Sheerin but feels trapped when Shirin’s real face comes to the fore.

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About Jadugar Jugnu

Zero To Hero, written by Sushma Gupta. The audio show has Surpassed over 50K+ plays and received 90+ Reviews on the platform. The audio show is available in  Hindi language

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