Dracula all episode: Dracula Pocket FM Total Episodes Download

This is a Hindi horror story which is very interesting to listen to online. You can listen to it on the online telegram channel or download it from the channel as you need. All episodes of this Hindi horror story will be uploaded here. Click Join to listen to Dracula audio books online for free.

Dracula all episode
Dracula all episode

Dracula Pocket FM All Episode

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Dracula Pocket FM

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Dracula all Episodes free Download

Dracula Daily Episodes from 1 to till

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Episode 1- 200

Dracula Pocket FM Story Summary

Jonathan, a London lawyer, visits his castle at the invitation of Count Dracula, who lives in the desert of Transylvania. At first it seems very easy, but after a while Jonathan learns that he has been imprisoned in Dracula’s castle. On the other hand, in a small town in London, small children suddenly start disappearing. A madman says that eating live animals gives strength and increases life. When Professor Van Helsing sets out to unravel all these mysteries, his senses fly. What was the secret behind the disappearance of the child? Who was Count Dracula? Did Jonathan get out of Dracula’s castle?

Can Professor Van Helsing unravel this mystery?

Publisher: Suraj Pocket Books

Author: Bram Stoker / Suniti Sharma

Source: pocket FM

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