Amrapali all episode: Amrapali Pocket FM Total Episodes Free Download

Amrapali all Episodes Pocket FM Free

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As You Know That In Our Website Daily I Come With A New And Interesting And Best Story Today In This Post We Are Come Back A With A New Story This App Name Is Amrapali And This Is Very Old Story And You And 100% Genuine This Story Is Giving entertainment To Her User

Amrapali all Episodes free Download

Amrapali all Episodes Pocket FM Free
Amrapali all Episodes Pocket FM Free

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Amrapali Pocket FM Story Summary

Amrapali, the mistress of wonderful beauty, was the daughter of Mahaman, a simple soldier of Vaishali city. Mahaman often lived outside Vaishali due to city works, so he entrusted the responsibility of raising Amrapali to his friend Kumar Bhatt and his wife Ambe. Amrapali did not have the freedom to roam like other girls, she had to be in captivity every moment. Kumar Bhattacharya was a dance teacher and the girls of Vaishali used to come to learn dance from him, meanwhile Amrapali also started learning dance secretly. When Ambe came to know about this, she took a promise from Amrapali that she would never dance on any social stage. But destiny had something else in mind, one day Amrapali saw Vaishali’s daughter-in-law. Seeing her majestic opulence and luxuries, Amrapali had decided that she would become the bride of Vaishali. At the age of 16, Amrapali attained the title of Nagarvadhu. On the day she became the bridegroom, she saw that the city bride did not just dance on the stage. Rather he has to give more to this state. Knowing the truth of the city bride, Amrapali’s hair was trembling and now she did not want to become a city bride. After all, to know the secret of what was Nagar Vadhu, listen to Amrapali Show.

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