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A List Affair by Alvaro McGuire

Genre: Drama with elements of revenge and self-discovery Synopsis: A former child actress, Emily Lance, discovers her fiancé’s infidelity and a shocking betrayal by her inner circle. Determined to reclaim her life, she embarks on a daring plan that involves artificial insemination and a connection to a major celebrity, Alden Nash.

A List Affair – Story Summary

Main Character:

  • Emily Lance: A former child actress, who discovers her famous fiancé’s affair and realizes her friends and family were complicit.


  • Discovery: Emily finds out about her fiancé’s infidelity and the betrayal of those close to her.
  • Decision: Determined to reclaim her life and dignity, Emily decides to take drastic action.
  • Action: She undergoes artificial insemination and is paired with A-List celebrity Alden Nash.
  • Return to Fame: Emily steps back into the spotlight, using her new connection with Alden as the ultimate revenge against her fiancé and family.


  • Betrayal and revenge
  • Empowerment and self-discovery
  • The quest for fame and personal redemption


  • Emily’s internal struggle with her past and the external conflicts with her former fiancé and family.


  • By leveraging her newfound fame, Emily aims to rebuild her life on her own terms and achieve personal vindication.

A-List Affair: A Gripping Tale of Betrayal and Revenge (Audiobook Review)

Story in a nutshell: A-List Affair dives into the world of Emily Lance, a former child actress whose life takes a dramatic turn after she uncovers her fiancé’s infidelity. The betrayal is compounded by the shocking realization that her family and friends were aware of it. With a burning desire for revenge and a chance to reclaim her life, Emily embarks on a daring yet calculated plan.

A-List Affair: Series Details

TitleA-List Affair
Duration40 hrs 46 mins
AuthorAlvaro McGuire

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